Travisher – Deluxe


This is the top-of-the-line travisher from James Mursell. The Deluxe should never wear out under normal usage. The brass insert in front of the blade is the key feature of this model and is both attractive and highly practical. This is a tool for life!


The Travisher Deluxe is designed as a premium tool, which should last a lifetime of normal use. It is machined from a solid block of the engineering polymer Delrin and has a substantial brass insert fitted in front of the blade. The latter will be highly resistant to wear, leading to a unchanging level of performance over time.

Like all the best tools, this travisher has serious heft, feeling great in the hand and having great momentum in the cutting stroke.

This tool will perform excellently on all Windsor chair seat woods and is easily capable of taking both aggressive and fine cuts by changing the position of the blade with the two grub screws set in the front of the body.

The blade is made by Ben Orford, who is famous for his superb woodworking tools and knives.