Travisher – Black


The ergonomic shape is the same as the ‘Wood‘ and ‘Deluxe‘ versions and its key feature is that the body is made entirely of the engineering polymer Delrin.

Delrin is very tough, more dense that wood and has superior wear characteristics to wood.


This version is in regular use, for shaping seats, by myself and my students in The Windsor Workshop. It is warm in the hand, has a satisfying weight and the black material leaves no marks on the wood being shaped.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the body is almost indestructible and is completely unaffected by water, which is a bonus for chair makers working outdoors! This is a real workhorse of a tool

This is a real workhorse of a tool and I recommend this version very strongly, however if you prefer the look and feel of wood then consider the ‘Wood‘ version; and if you want a premium tool that looks superb and will never wear out, under normal use, then try the ‘Deluxe‘.